HDB Skincare

Lift me Up!

Face toning Moisturizer 50 ml


When? Post Workout

Moisturizes and tones your face skin

Benefits to make your skin glow: Anti-inflammatory and anti-edema; Warms up and relaxes your muscles; Soothing and repairing; Moisturizing and toning; Prevents dehydration and it's antioxidant; Anti aging; Anti-redness.

No secrets just benefits.
Do you dare to improve?

Ingredients: Ultra moisturizing and nourishing cream, very rich in plant actives, juniper water, andiroba oil, aloe vera, alpha hydroxy acids from citrus and blueberry, acer and sugar cane, enriched with algae hydrolyzate and zinc for an effective control of oily skin. 99% natural and vegetal origin.

How to use: Apply to clean skin and massage until absorbed.